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"I decorate cakes!
What is your superpower?"



Meet Mzansi’s sweetest and most wanted Cake Boss –

Executive Chef Malcolm David Burroughs of Cake Brothers!


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April 1, 2016


Chef Malcolm, tell us a bit about yourself and your family background. 
I was educated at Jeppe Boys High. I have a great connected family and they are extremely supportive to my mad ideas…

That’s amazing! Tell us, how did you become the legendary Cake Boss that you are?

I lived in the middle east and specialized in fancy chocolates, desserts and cakes. Making cakes for the wealthy and of course Royalty of the middle east. Then on my return, my brother Bryan (an ex baker) joined forces and we owned a bakery. Even though my brother is a qualified electronics engineer, we started a cake business called Cake Brothers South Africa


How do you go about making your outstanding cake designs?
People inspire me but then again, so does music, art and life. I try and capture the essence of what the bride wants.

What inspires you to keep making awesome cakes all the time?
Easy answer. I thrive on applause. My brother is the practical one, so I leave that side to him.

Love it! What sets you apart from your competitors?
Actually, each designer is unique, so we tend to get the brides or specialty cakes to suit the different personalities of the brides.


Do you give classes or lessons to anyone wanting to learn how to make signature cakes like yourself?
Yes! I travel every winter to the Middle East to lecture and train on desserts and cake techniques

That’s pretty cool! Share your advice for youngsters who wish to follow in your footsteps?
Follow your dreams, lots of hard work sleepless nights, but tons passion and fun!



Baker  Brother Extraordinaire Bryan Burroughs

When did you first become a baker?

25 Years ago we opened our first bakery, two years later was the next, and now our prize    - Cake Brothers


I hear you did well in baking competitions. Tell me more.

When we first started, we won Baker of the year, Eastern Cape 1993. Then placed Third in Nationals.


Malcolm says you are the technical brother

Yes, I am an electronics engineer, with the learnt ability of cake baking. Besides baking, I design and make the fantastic

stands for the cakes, add the lighting and other technical magical touches.

On the other side I put the cake studio together, now the home of Cake Brothers SA!